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We have over 50 years of combined experience in the EMC & RF design and troubleshooting of electronic systems, as well as graduate education in EMC from the Missouri University of Science & Technology’s EMC Laboratory.

We provide these services worldwide:

  • EMC & RF Design Reviews
  • On-site Troubleshooting
  • EMC courses

Please call, email, or text us to set up a no-obligation conference to talk to us about EMC design, troubleshooting, or in-house EMC courses.

Lee Hill

Founding Partner

Randal Vaughn


We Are a Service Business

We want all our clients to be this happy:

“In the past, Stratus hired a lot of contractors, many in the ASIC design space. We often found these consultants desired only to find ways to stretch out the work, often requiring follow-up contracts to get the job done. Many did not meet deliverables, and often did not even “care” to strive to hit the schedules we needed. Lee and Randal, on the other hand, rushed and worked efficiently to meet our milestones and our cost targets. SILENT actually ‘cared’ about our design as though it were a Stratus employee. Who could ask for anything more?”

Steve Mango, Engineering Manager, Stratus Technologies

Mr. Hill speaks with such enthusiasm and passion that he managed to captivate my attention completely, even if some of the topics didn’t interest me.  Great job!!

2019 German National EMC Conference, Stuttgart, Germany

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Our 2, 3, and 4 day intensive trainings are packed with practical applications, theory, and hardware demonstrations.


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