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SILENT Brings Organized Approach to Chaotic Procedure at American Power Conversion

As APC ‘s roadmap focused on moving to higher power products, the company sought training to ensure engineers and test technicians were equipped with the latest techniques for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC / EMI / RF /RFI) solutions. Their goal was to ensure better upfront design, as well as diagnosis and correction of problems, in a timely manner. SILENT Solutions provided the training and consultation needed to focus on emissions challenges in APC’s new products and to solve them and stay on development schedule to meet their customer needs. According to APC, SILENT brought a “patient, organized approach to what had previously been a chaotic procedure.”

SILENT Helps Develop DEKA’s Complex Robotic Systems

DEKA Research and Development spearheaded the development program for the Independence™ IBOT™ 3000 Mobility System from Independence Technology, a division of Johnson & Johnson®. SILENT played an essential role in the development of this breakthrough personal mobility product, recently introduced for the disabled community.

The team from SILENT, included electromagnetic compatibility (EMC / EMI / RF /RFI) engineers, serving in multiple roles, including assistance with upfront design, as well as troubleshooting an elusive noise problem that occurred during preliminary EMI compliance testing. SILENT’s staff developed a PCB-level solution that was cost effective and elegant. According to DEKA, SILENT was “very flexible and worked collaboratively with the team to make sure the final solution fit within the constraints of our initial design…the bottom line system EMC testing was completed successfully in two cycles instead of the usual five or six times it took on previous engineering units and manufacturing proceeded on time.”

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