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EMC Components and Connectors

Covering Connector and EMC Component Industries, From Hardware to Training

SILENT provides technical marketing and training services to companies that develop PCB EMI filter components, connectors, and EMC measurement tools & systems. We provide exciting technical seminars with thought leadership that “talk into your customers’ listening”. We communicate the effectiveness of your corporation’s EMC products and tools from the perspective of independent practitioners in the field.

Design engineers are concerned with performance, quality, and cost when selecting EMC components for new system design. Understanding design goals and manufacturing parameters can be very helpful in developing customer relationships that lead to repeat business.

SILENT provides insight into the design process and explains how connector and component suppliers can customize their sales presentations to align with engineering goals and EMC compliance requirements. Our technical seminars yield invaluable ideas for new product and service offerings, foster communications and show suppliers how to strengthen ties with their customer bases. We can help you translate your customers’ EMC needs into cost-effective and manufacturable prototypes that will win new business.

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