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SILENT EMC Industry Partners

Our industry partners provide us with the most advanced EMC and RF design and troubleshooting equipment and applications knowledge. Our clients demand uncompromised speed and project execution, so we always invest in and acquire the best EMC and RF tools for the benefit of our clients.

SILENT Solutions is committed to our trusted partners who provide products and services that complement our electromagnetic compatibility (EMC / EMI / RFI) solutions and offerings.

We would love to hear from organizations in electromagnetic compatibility and related industries who have innovative ideas and solutions. Contact us to learn how you can join our distinguished team.

Meet Our Trusted Partners

Rohde & Schwarz Test and Measurement Systems

Rohde & Schwarz test receivers have set new standards for EMI and RF spectrum analysis. By providing the optimum combination of dynamic range with measurement speed and flexibility, Rohde & Schwarz receivers provide unparalleled levels of support.

SILENT uses both Rohde’s ESR with real-time spectral analysis and time domain scan, and the RTE/RTO digital time and frequency domain oscilloscope for on-site troubleshooting projects and EMC courses. With these advanced instruments, SILENT gains speed and accuracy even under the non-ideal RF conditions in many client locations. And working onsite alongside our clients allows us to work far more efficiently than at expensive, external EMC test laboratories or remote customer locations.

Wurth Elektronik

SILENT often recommends Wurth EMI suppression components and magnetic design solutions during EMC design reviews and hardware troubleshooting projects. SILENT also provides free technical seminars with demonstrations on the use of EMI suppression ferrites at the PCB and system level.

Langer EMV-Technik

Langer EMV-Technik is in the forefront of research, development, and production in the field of EMC. The company develops handheld and automated measurement equipment for EMC analysis of emissions of immunity / susceptibility at both the IC and PCB level. Langer EMV-Technik also offers EMC experimental seminars and EMC workshops.

SILENT uses Langer H and E-field probes and noise injection tools to analyze and troubleshoot the most difficult-to-solve RF emissions and immunity / susceptibility problems. SILENT also teaches its full EMC course curriculum at the Langer EMV-Technik headquarters in Dresden, Germany. Register here.

Fischer Custom Communications, Inc.

Fischer Custom Communications, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures specialized transient protection devices, RF test and measurement instruments, and EMP test systems.

SILENT uses FCC current monitoring and injection probes, impedance stabilization networks, and mode separation tools to analyze and solve the most elusive conducted and radiated emissions and immunity / susceptibility problems. These tools allow us to easily replicate EMC phenomenon that would otherwise require an expensive external EMC test laboratory or remote customer installation.

By reducing complex and time-consuming system evaluation to simple and convenient “Bench-level” test, SILENT can solve the toughest noise problems in just a matter of days.


Companies facing regulatory challenges can maintain their compliance certification by developing their products with DornerWorks and SILENT Solutions LLC.

DornerWorks works closely with SILENT Solutions LLC to identify the root cause of certification test failures and design a solution to maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

DornerWorks provides technology engineering so product makers can focus on their customers. With embedded electronics, FPGA, and software engineering, and web/mobile expertise, DornerWorks accelerates product development and lowers risk for adopting advanced technologies.


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