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Randal Vaughn


Randal Vaughn is a Partner in SILENT, an independent electromagnetic compatibility EMC and RF design firm established in 1992 that specializes in design for EMC and RF design, troubleshooting, and training services to commercial and industrial manufacturers with global distribution in the computer, consumer, network and telecommunications, industrial process control, automotive, medical and scientific instruments, and military and aerospace industries. SILENT provides these services worldwide to an average of thirty clients per year.

Previously Randal was a Lead Engineer at Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group in Arlington Heights, Illinois. In that role he was responsible for providing RF and EMC design consulting in the development of cellular base stations from the PC board to the system level. Mr. Vaughn developed high speed frequency synthesizers containing mixed signal analog, digital, and RF technologies for Northrop Defense Systems. He also designed and developed unique frequency control systems for the medical equipment and semiconductor test equipment industries. He received the Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Louisiana State University in 1982 and advanced training in electromagnetic compatibility in 1997 from the University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR).

Randal has over twenty-five years of RF design and EMC experience including a variety of high performance industrial and military radio system and circuit designs, as well as RF & EMC design and troubleshooting of many product types including high speed digital controllers, cellular base stations, and high frequency/high power RF transmitters.

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