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Mastering the Spectrum Analyzer for Electrical Noise Measurement

Course Description

This course is packed with practical tips, applications, and demonstrations to help make it easy for you to pick up a spectrum analyzer and start measuring and troubleshooting electrical noise and EMC problems. We will have a minimum of 3 different spectrum analyzers in class to help explain and demonstrate operating techniques that we have honed over the last twenty-five years, including:

  • Near-field probing
  • Distinguishing narrowband and broadband signals
  • Finding the optimum resolution bandwidth
  • Settings to achieve maximum dynamic range
  • Conducted & radiated emissions testing
  • Parasitic resonance identification
  • Real-time quasi-peak measurements
  • Quirks, strengths, and weaknesses of specific spectrum analyzers
  • How to get the most repeatable, accurate measurements
  • “Must have” accessories and options for specific instruments

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