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At SILENT, we are proud to make a lot of noise about the quality and value of our electromagnetic compatibility (EMC / EMI / RFI / RF) solutions. Our success stories and testimonials are best told by the innovative businesses we partner with to solve their most pressing design reviews, rapid-response troubleshooting needs, and training requirements.

Customer Testimonials

“Our company was looking at engaging an EMC consultant after having done a radiated emissions pre-scan on a product during development.  The pre-scan results foretold trouble during formal compliance testing.  A Google search yielded Silent Solutions.  It jogged my memory that this was a company that I’d heard about before in the past from peers in the industry, always in a positive light.  I also remembered wanting to take an EMC course from them.  They were within driving distance from me.  I was able to very quickly get an appointment made with Randal Vaughn and take our equipment up to them.  Randal was very thorough and analytical in his approach to getting to the root of the problem, I enjoyed working with him.  As a bonus, I received a primer on EMC and diagnostic methods, a meaningful real world example with our own product.  We subsequently incorporated Randal’s recommendations into the next spin of PCBs and were able to pass some stringent testing where the radiated emissions limits were very low in certain bands.  We will turn to Silent Solutions again when the need arises for future products.”

Alex Joseph, Chief Technology Officer, Siren Marine

“In the past, Stratus hired a lot of contractors, many in the ASIC design space. We often found these consultants desired only to find ways to stretch out the work, often requiring follow-up contracts to get the job done. Many did not meet deliverables, and often did not even “care” to strive to hit the schedules we needed. Lee and Randal, on the other hand, rushed and worked efficiently to meet our milestones and our cost targets. SILENT actually ‘cared’ about our design as though it were a Stratus employee. Who could ask for anything more?”

Steve Mango, Engineering Manager, Stratus Technologies

“In general, labs and testing facilities lack the knowledge and skills necessary to resolve elusive noise problems. Lee and Randal’s workshops combine practical information with supporting theory and math. Their courses helped me understand the key issues behind EMI.”

Jeff Mayoros, Project Manager, Wittern Group

“Our employees work in an atmosphere where they are encouraged to ask questions, no matter how silly they might seem, and this class was no exception. The course was excellent. The sessions were refreshing because SILENT encouraged questions and spent whatever time was required to answer them.”

E. E. Landsman, Sc.D. Consulting Engineer, Founder American Power Conversion

“After helping us resolve a complex problem, SILENT returned to our facility to discuss the work within the framework of a two-day class for the benefit of the entire team. The workshop added significant value and will better prepare us for future programs.”

Mike Ambrogi, General Manager, DEKA Research and Development

“Lee’s ability to complement the academic foundations of EMC with real-world examples confirms that the knowledge gained will be turned into real design and debug efforts by our R&D department.”

Tim Stever, Director of Electrical Engineering at ZOLL Medical Corporation

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