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EMC Design Reviews

Early Concept and First Prototype Design Reviews

When you engage SILENT’s Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC / EMI / RFI / RF) Consulting services at the beginning of your development cycle, you’ll minimize schedule risk by avoiding costly and time-consuming electrical and mechanical redesign.

We will help you avoid schedule-breaking electrical noise problems that delay product time-to-market. SILENT’s consultants have deep expertise in the design of schematics, PC boards, cables, and enclosures, saving our clients months of development time. Upfront consultation with SILENT will help you design OUT potential EMI and circuit-to-circuit interference, resulting in earlier product introductions and greater revenues.

As RF and EMC design engineers, SILENT’s consultants operate as embedded members of your team. We can work collaboratively with your company’s senior designers before the first prototype is even built.

Our 50+ years of combined experience in creating EMC / EMI /RFI / RF solutions enables SILENT to identify your potential problems before you buy and build system hardware. You are assured that system components are specified within your guidelines and budget, your designs will pass stringent pre-compliance testing, and manufacturing will take place on time to meet your deadlines. Consider us as your SILENT partner through the entire design process.

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