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Our Vetted Curriculum Delivers Results

SILENT offers an outstanding course curriculum vetted by leading education and industry experts including Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), University of Oxford (UK), General Motors University, and Texas Instruments.

Our unique education offerings for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC / EMI / RFI / RF) solutions combine theory, real-life design applications examples, and practical troubleshooting tools and techniques to advance your staff’s capabilities and deliver results for your organization.

Private and Public EMC Courses

Our courses offer offer intensive instruction with hardware demonstrations, applications, supporting theory, unlimited questions, and a lifetime guarantee!

Our Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC / EMI / RFI / RF) solutions workshops are created for design engineers interested in a practical, hands-on approach to EMC design, troubleshooting, and the specialized field of Circuit-to-Circuit Interference.

Engineers working for manufacturers whose products target commercial and industrial environments will leave our workshops with stronger proficiency in their focus area. The curriculum is rich in detail, easy-to-understand and does not require advanced math or science.

We are proud that worldwide organizations such as Texas Instruments and University of Oxford offer our courses annually. You can attend our two to four-day course worldwide at hotels and at our industry partners Rohde & Schwarz and Langer-EMV. Or you may schedule a private course for your staff at your facility. Learn more.

Events, Conferences, Industry Associations

Work with SILENT to develop customized Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC / EMI / RFI / RF) content for your business, event, or associate meeting. Learn more.


This course provides much needed color to a very poorly understood topic, even among experienced engineers. I would recommend this course to every EE. It was great and I want more!

Scott Hunger, Pensar Development

Potentially the most useful training class that I have ever taken… I was pleasantly surprised (in a good way) that Lee’s presentation style and material kept me engaged in a 4-day long class

Scott Fudge, InDesign

It was amazing to final get explanations to all of the “black magic” EMI rules of thumb.

Course attendee, GE Critical Power

Great course for those who want to create robust designs with (a) minimum (of) design iterations.

Course attendee, Biotek Instruments

This is one of the best seminars I have attended. I find Lee’s style of speaking- the ability to explain something with an overall economy of words to be very conducive to intuitively understanding the concept being explained/demonstrated. I find this still is due to knowing the topic “in his gut” and having a superb grasp of the details and how to present them”.

Course attendee, GE Critical Power

Very well done. The mechanical design section provided a lot of interesting and helpful information that I will use in my daily production design.

Zachary Blanden, Nicomatic

Lee decodes the black magic of EMI/EMC with this class into easy to understand concepts and principles.

Greg Corban, Hypotherm

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Detailed course descriptions of our outstanding EMC courses for electrical, mechanical, and EMC engineers.

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