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International Expertise in Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC/ EMI / RFI. On-site EMI Troubleshooting. World-class EMC Courses, Classes and Seminars. EMC Design Reviews.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update:

SILENT has resumed all live US and international in-person EMC courses.

Rapid Hands-on Troubleshooting & Cost-Effective, Manufacturable Solutions

Design Reviews & Pre-Compliance Hardware Evaluation and Recommendations

Outstanding, University-Vetted Training with Theory, Applications, Demonstrations

Solving the most elusive electrical noise, EMC, EMI, and RFI design issues in the eleventh hour.

Worldwide EMC Courses and Events

EMC Courses
Munich, Germany

“Applying Practical EMI Design & Troubleshooting Techniques”
“Advanced PCB Design EMC+SI”
“Mechanical Design for EMC”

October 17 – 20, 2023

EMC Courses
Poznań, Poland

Lee will be presenting
“Advanced PCB Design EMC+SI”


October 25 – 27, 2023

PCB Carolina 2023
Raleigh, NC

Lee will be presenting
“Hum Me A Few Bars, But Not at 60 Hz – Low Frequency Signal Integrity with Hardware Demonstrations”

November 8, 2023

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SILENT provides EMC design reviews, hardware troubleshooting, and EMC /  EMI courses to a wide variety of vertical markets including consumer, medical, industrial & scientific, network, integrated circuit, and military & aerospace.

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