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You can trust SILENT to provide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC / EMI / RFI / RF) solutions for your industry’s needs. Our RF and Digital PCB and system DESIGN experience, together with our graduate education in EMC set us apart from EMC technologists and semi-retired engineers with limited EMC education and circuit design experience. We’re not just about copper tape and ferrite beads!

SILENT has 25 years of experience in identifying and solving the most elusive noise problems in a matter of days across a range of industries including:


Medical and Clinical

Industrial and Scientific

Consumer Electronics

Military and Aerospace

EMC Components and Connectors

Network and Telecom Equipment


At SILENT, we focus on solutions, including solving your toughest noise problems, providing design reviews, and training your engineering staff. Test labs often refer their clients to us when they fail tests and subsequent re-tests. They know SILENT has the proficiency to solve their most pressing problems.

We are the only full-time EMC consulting company with formal education in electromagnetic compatibility, deep RF design experience, and five decades of industry experience.

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