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EMC & RF Design Services

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As wireless technology becomes more prevalent with the explosion of the Internet of Things, our EMC & RF design services for regulatory and RF self-interference will get your product to market fast. We will find and de-risk potential Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and EMI/RFI problems before prototype hardware is built.

SILENT works with commercial and industrial manufacturers to ensure time-to-market for RF and wireless-enabled products. We design, build and test RF and wireless solutions – within budget and cost guidelines – for consumer grade products and high-performance circuits and systems.

Self-interference often poses a significant design challenge to companies developing complex electronics with a mix of technologies such as RF, digital, analog, and switch mode power and motor control circuits. SILENT is uniquely qualified to resolve these problems. Our graduate electrical engineering education from the Missouri University of Science & Technology (MS&T), combined with our broad professional experience provides you with best practices in wireless and RF design.

When engaged at the beginning of your project, we can identify and solve likely problem areas early in your circuit design process. And, if you discover a problem late in the design stage, or even during early manufacturing runs, you can count on SILENT to troubleshoot and find a cost-effective, manufacturable solution at the eleventh hour. Whether your project requires design, design review, or retrofit services, you can rely on SILENT’s EMC and RF design services to achieve success, on-time and within budget.

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