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EMC Design and Troubleshooting Courses

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Learn how to design out EMI and fix it for good. Lee and Randal share their over 50 years of digital, analog, and RF design and troubleshooting experience in fast-paced courses that are university-vetted, and packed with practical advice and hardware demonstrations. We have an MSEE from the nation’s top EMC research institution, school, the Missouri University of Science and Technology (emclab.mst.edu), and also teach graduate level EMC at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). You can be certain that our course instruction is outstanding.

All EMC courses may be taken individually through public “open-enrollment” events, or as a group event for your staff at your facility. If you currently work at Texas Instruments or Sandia National Laboratories, attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), or can visit the University of Oxford in England, you’re in luck! These worldwide institutions already offer our courses, please contact us for the next scheduled event.

Our EMC courses are created for electrical, mechanical, printed circuit board, and EMC design engineers interested in a practical, hands-on approach to EMC design, EMI troubleshooting, and the special field concerned with Circuit-to-Circuit Interference.

Course Syllabuses

These courses are taught annually as open-enrollment in Silicon Valley, Massachusetts, England, and Germany. They are also taught worldwide as in-house, private courses at our client facilities.

  • Applying Practical EMI Design and Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Advanced Printed Circuit Board Design + SI
  • Mechanical Design for EMC
  • Grounding and Shielding of Electronic Systems

These course are taught on request at your facility.

  • Circuit-to-Circuit Interference (special request only)
  • Mastering the Spectrum Analyzer for Electrical Noise Measurement (special request only)

Applying Practical EMI Design and Troubleshooting Techniques

Design & troubleshoot to avoid regulatory & functional EMI problems. Demonstrations and theory illustrate radiated and conducted emissions, immunity, ESD, & crosstalk.

Advanced Printed Circuit Board Design for EMC & SI

Proven, research-verified PCB design strategies to eliminate regulatory & functional EMC problems, and improve low and high-frequency signal integrity of analog and digital sensors.

Mechanical Design for EMC

Clear applications, theory, and demonstrations for the successful EMC design and troubleshooting
of mechanical enclosures and shielded cable assemblies.

Mastering the Spectrum Analyzer for Electrical Noise Measurements

Distills over fifty years of combined troubleshooting experience. Content emphasizes theory of operation, instrument settings, pitfalls, and tips rather than “button-pushing to run a test.”

Circuit to Circuit Interference

One-day class is for electrical design engineers at all levels who want to understand eliminate electrical noise problems in products containing RF (wireless), analog, switching power supply and digital electronics.

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