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EMI & EMC engineering services including electrical noise troubleshooting, EMI & EMC pre-compliance testing, and design reviews & consulting.

EMC/EMI Consultation

Including SILENT EMC/EMI Design Services early in your development cycle minimizes risk and makes very smart business sense. We help our clients avoid schedule-breaking design problems that can delay product time-to-market. Our expertise in the design of schematics, PC boards, cables, and enclosures has saved our clients months of development time. Time after time our clients have found that designing out EMI and circuit-to-circuit interference equates to earlier product introductions and greater revenues.

As EMC and RF design engineers, SILENT'S staff operates as team members working collaboratively with your company's senior designers to perfect solutions before the first prototype is even built. Years of experience in EMI and RF enable us to spot problems before they arise. Components are specified within your guidelines and budgets. You are reassured that designs will pass stringent pre-compliance testing and manufacturing will take place on time. Think of us as your silent partner.

Retrofit and Troubleshooting

With global manufacturers increasingly cutting back on in-house resources, the likelihood of unwanted emissions or immunity problems has increased. Particularly in situations where products are made overseas and ODMs lack expertise in EMC.

SILENT Troubleshooting and Retrofit Service provides rapid problem resolution. We will work onsite at your facility, or if you prefer, you may ship the product to our troubleshooting lab for an immediate problem review. After seeing their design staff bogged down for weeks, our clients are delighted to see us bring a noise problem under control in a matter of days, and with practical design solutions that are manufacturable. You can be confident that our services will add significant value by freeing up your internal resources to focus on core operations.

Pre-compliance Testing

SILENT offers pre-compliance testing for products with planned distribution to commercial and industrial markets in the US and overseas. This includes testing to ensure that emissions, immunity, and circuit-to-circuit interference problems are discovered early and immediately brought under control. We use the most advanced EMC and RF test & measurement equipment and diagnostic software available from leading suppliers. If your product requires final regulatory agency approvals, we can support your test efforts at the lab of your choice. Or, if you prefer, we can recommend a leading facility in your region, or completely outsource your qualification effort and deliver a successful test report package while your company focuses on its core mission.

RF Design

As wireless continues to be a significant growth opportunity, SILENT works with commercial and industrial manufacturers to ensure time-to-market for RF and wireless enabled products. We design, build, and test RF and wireless solutions - within budget and cost guidelines - for consumer grade products and high performance circuits and systems.

Self-interference poses a significant design challenge to companies that develop complex electronics with a mix of technologies such as RF, digital, analog and/or switch mode power circuits. SILENT is uniquely qualified to resolve these problems. Our education (University of Missouri-Rolla) combined with our broad professional experience provides you with best practices in RF and wireless design.

We can identify likely problem areas early in the circuit design process or troubleshoot in the eleventh hour - if you discover a problem prior to manufacturing. Whether your project requires design, design review, or retrofit services, you'll be pleased with the speed and effectiveness of our efforts.

Silent Solutions has EMI & EMC Classes, Workshops, Seminars and Courses
Work with Lee and Randal to develop a seminar that helps your audience understand how EMC and RF design techniques can help business today.

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Worldwide providers of EMC design, troubleshooting, and education services for the reduction of EMI and electrical noise