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Education - EMC/EMI classes, courses, seminars and Workshops
Practical training on EMC design and troubleshooting

EMI and Self-Interference Engineering Classes
SILENT workshops are for design engineers interested in a practical, hands-on approach to EMC design, troubleshooting, and the special field concerned with Circuit-to-Circuit Interference. Engineers working for manufacturers whose products target commercial and industrial environments will find this training extraordinarily useful. The curriculum is rich in detail, easy-to-understand and does not require advanced math or science. In fact, worldwide organizations such as Agilent Technologies and General Motors have used our course materials. All courses may be taken individually through public "open-enrollment" events, or as a group event for your staff at a location convenient to your facility.

Applying Practical EMI Design and Troubleshooting Techniques

This two-day class gives engineering professionals the ability to successfully recognize, solve and avoid common EMI problems. Demonstrations using working hardware illustrate concepts such as radiated emissions, high frequency antennas, radiated and conducted immunity, and crosstalk in connectors, cables and IC packages. This class is appropriate for experienced circuit and system design engineers, EMC engineers, as well as those who are new to EMI problem solving. Engineers with time-to-market projects will find this workshop extremely useful.

Click here for the syllabus or contact Diane Querze for more information

EMC – Advanced Printed Circuit Board Design

This two-day class provides technical training intended for electrical and EMC engineers interested only in PC board design. It is an excellent follow-up class for students who have recently completed our two or three-day EMC class. Course topics include component placement, signal routing and stackup, power bus decoupling, signal theory and signal integrity, "ground" splits, and a critique of bad applications notes from IC vendors. Students will examine good and bad design techniques using hardware demonstrations, schematic reviews, and sample PCB layouts.

Click here for the syllabus or contact Diane Querze for more information

Circuit-to-Circuit Interference

This unique one-day class is for electrical design engineers at all levels challenged by electrical noise problems in products containing RF (wireless), analog, switching power supply and digital electronics. Through a unique combination of lecture and hands-on experiments, class participants will master the ability to anticipate, solve and avoid electrical noise problems that can inhibit functionality in new product designs. By participating in this class, design engineers will be able to accelerate time-to-market design.

Click here for the syllabus or contact Diane Querze for more information

Mechanical Design for EMC

Unique to the industry, this two-day class provides clear applications, theory and demonstrations for the successful design of mechanical enclosures for good system emissions and immunity performance. Key topics include grounding at the PCB and enclosure, system ground maps, PCB component placement and control drawings, enclosure and cable shielding, PCB device "cans", resonant slots and enclosures, heatsinks, unintentional antennas, as well as connector, screw, and conductive gasket spacing.

Click here for the syllabus or contact Diane Querze for more information

Grounding for EMC, Signal Integrity and Instrumentation

Theory, applications and hardware demonstrations in this one-day class describe effective design and troubleshooting techniques.  The real-time demonstrations use a spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope and signal generators to illustrate inductance, common-impedance coupling, and ground loops.  Specific examples of single-point, multi-point, "good" and "bad" grounds will be discussed.

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Mastering the Spectrum Analyzer for Electrical Noise Measurement

SILENT’s newest one-day class is packed with practical tips, applications, and demonstrations to help make it easy for you to pick up a spectrum analyzer and start measuring and troubleshooting electrical noise and EMC problems. We will have a minimum of 3 different spectrum analyzers in class to help explain and demonstrate operating techniques that we have honed over the last twenty years, including:

  • near field probing
  • distinguishing narrowband and broadband signals
  • finding the optimum resolution bandwidth
  • settings to achieve maximum dynamic range
  • conducted & radiated emissions testing
  • parasitic resonance identification
  • real time quasi-peak measurements
  • quirks, strengths, and weaknesses of specific spectrum analyzers
  • how to get the most repeatable, accurate measurements
  • “must have” accessories and options for specific instruments

Our unique combinations of digital, RF and EMC design troubleshooting, and training experience combined with our graduate education from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T) ensures that our classes have the right balance of technical rigor, instruction excellence, and training that is relevant to your job. Taught by Lee Hill.

Click here for the syllabus or contact Diane Querze for more information

Universities and Technical Conferences
The workshops are given at several venues during the year including the University of California at Berkeley, PCB West, Oxford University (England), and our Engineering Workshops in the Boston area. Moreover, these classes can be customized to be industry-specific and delivered on-site to your associates at your facility. Check our calendar page for currently scheduled classes and locations.

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EMC & EMI classes and courses available from Silent Solutions

Work with Lee and Randal to develop a seminar that helps your audience understand how EMI and RF design can help business today.


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Worldwide providers of EMC design, troubleshooting, and education services for the reduction of EMI and electrical noise