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Today's automobiles are equipped with electronics that manage safety, performance, security, communications and other complex systems. The growth of GPS, Bluetooth ®, adaptive cruise control and other RF applications have increased the likelihood of unwanted emissions and immunity problems that can compromise system performance. Moreover, corporate and worldwide standards for component and vehicle level RF emissions and immunity are very stringent.

SILENT has years of experience assisting global manufacturers to resolve noise in a wide variety of applications including engine controllers, remote keyless entry, fuel cell, crank and ceramic pressure sensors and power accessory multiplexers. We can assist early in the design process or troubleshoot when manufacturing schedules are at risk.

Computers and Computer Peripherals
With PCBs becoming more dense, integrated circuits combining digital, RF, and analog data acquisition, clock speeds running at 1GHz and beyond, and product lifetimes as short as 6 months - it is no surprise that hardware engineers are increasingly challenged with unwanted RF emissions, circuit-to-circuit interference, and/or rogue frequencies from external sources. Lost time is lost revenue and can threaten market share.

SILENT can help. Our depth of experience allows us to make optimum cost/performance decisions to minimize over-design while maximizing success in first pass hardware. We have worked with leading Fortune 500 enterprise and personal computer and computer peripheral manufacturers including Apple, Stratus, Samsung, LSI Logic/Engenio and American Power Conversion.

While we strongly recommend noise reduction consultation in the design phase, we also provide outstanding on-site "fire fighting" services to rapidly identify and solve the most elusive electrical noise problems. We work very quickly to develop a solution that is cost-effective and manufacturable.

Scientific and Medical Devices and Instruments
Today's scientific and medical instruments are being designed with more powerful processors that increase performance, accommodate increasingly sophisticated applications and simplify ease-of-use. To be competitive in today's global economy, these features must be provided through low-cost design and manufacturing techniques and processes. This combination of performance, feature set, and price sensitivity has opened the door to potential emissions and immunity issues, particularly in health and industrial environments where wireless infrastructure is commonplace.

SILENT'S extensive knowledge of scientific instrumentation combined with years of experience in EMI and RF design can solve the most complex electrical noise problems. We have experience with low and high voltage linear and switch mode power supplies, motion control, analog and digital sensors, high resolution analog to digital conversion, and complex inter and intra system cabling. Our knowledge of scientific instruments includes laser and infrared-based mass spectroscopy, combustion control systems, precision osmometers, high speed vision inspection and control systems, dermatological lasers and "smart building" environmental sensors and controls, to name a few.

Process Control Equipment and Industrial Facilities
Industrial and manufacturing control systems have rigorous up-time requirements that make even the most infrequent electrical noise and self-interference problems a nightmare. And the working environment for process control electronics demands robust circuit immunity to ever-present threats from electrostatic discharge (ESD), radiated RF fields, and conducted power disturbances.

SILENT has an impressive record of successfully analyzing and deploying EMI design and retrofit solutions for a variety of industrial products and application environments. We travel on-site to the customer's facility to troubleshoot and resolve elusive noise problems. Our systems experience includes:

• Precision measurement equipment
• Computer controlled tire retread manufacturing facility
• Multi-chip integrated circuit module manufacturing facility
• 10,000 unit/hour plastic molding machine
• Ruggedized telephone test equipment
• Manufacturing test equipment for high precision automotive sensors
• Electronic combustion controls for industrial furnaces

Connector and EMC Component Industries
Design engineers are concerned with performance, quality and cost when selecting EMC components for new system design. Understanding design goals and manufacturing parameters can be very helpful in developing customer relationships that lead to repeat business.

SILENT provides insight into the design process and explains how connector and component suppliers can customize their sales presentations to align with engineering goals and compliance guidelines. Our technical seminars yield invaluable ideas for new product and service offerings, foster communications and show suppliers how to strengthen ties with the customer base. Some of the topics include technical translation of customer EMC requirements into cost-effective and manufacturable prototypes and how to set up a technical hotline for customer support.

Network and Telecom Equipment Industries
SILENT has outstanding credentials in this sector. We have worked with Cisco, Lucent, Avaya, Sycamore Networks, Samsung, 3Com and many other leaders in the networking and telecom industry.

Our experience ranges from terabit "metro-edge" optical routers to low-cost unshielded Class B wireless access points - including backplane design, internal power distribution, power over Ethernet, mechanical design, and virtually every copper and optical input/output EMI design challenge.

Our services accelerate time-to-market projects through proactive schematic and PCB design reviews. We have also assisted new ventures with last-minute hardware retrofit of flagship products to meet market-sensitive manufacturing deadlines.

Work with Lee and Randal to develop a seminar that helps your audience understand how EMC and RF design techniques can help business today

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