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Lee Hill - Founding Partner

Lee Hill is Founding Partner of SILENT Solutions LLC, an independent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and RF design firm established in 1992. Besides providing EMC design review and troubleshooting services, Lee is a member of adjunct faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), an EMC class instructor at the University of Oxford (England), and an EMC instructor for the IEEE EMC Society’s annual Global University program and EMC Fundamentals workshop. He has also served as an EMC instructor for UC Berkeley Extension, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, Freescale Semiconductor, and General Motors University.

Previously Lee was Principal EMC and Systems Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation’s Workstation Systems Engineering Group in Palo Alto, California.

Lee received the Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering & Electromagnetics with highest honors from the University of Missouri-Rolla EMC Laboratory, (now Missouri University of Science and Technology).

Lee has over twenty-five years of experience in the EMC design and retrofit of complex electronic systems. He has been teaching short courses on EMC design and troubleshooting for twenty years. Lee consults and teaches worldwide, and has presented classes in Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico, Norway, Canada, South Korea, France, and United Kingdom. He has completed a three-year term on the Editorial Review Board of Printed Circuit Design Magazine. Lee is the named inventor of three US patents for EMI control in electronic systems, and provides expert witness services for patent litigation. He was awarded the 1993 IEEE EMC Society President’s Memorial Scholarship and the 1994 Missouri Collegiate Entrepreneur Award.

Lee is a past member of the Society’s Board of Directors (2004-2007), and also served as a member of the Society’s Awards Committee. In 1994, Lee was appointed to serve a two year term as an IEEE EMC Society Distinguished Lecturer (DL), and from 1999-2006 he served as chair of the DL program. In 2003 he served as Co-Technical Chair of the IEEE Symposium on EMC in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a past Vice-Chair of the Central New England Chapter of the IEEE EMC Society. In the past fifteen years he has been a frequent featured speaker at IEEE EMC Society fundraising events in cities throughout the US including Santa Clara, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Dallas/Fort Worth and Detroit. He has also provided technical presentations to Society chapters in Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Austin, Colorado Springs, Pittsburgh, and Orange County, CA. In 1999 Lee received a Certificate of Appreciation from the EMC Society for significant contributions to education through his annual participation in the Demonstrations and Experiments portion of annual IEEE EMC Symposia. Lee was a member of the original IEEE P1180 ad-hoc committee on low frequency magnetic field measurement for video display terminals.

Lee Hill

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